Tarot for Today ~ 03/03/19

TAROT FOR TODAY – your daily message from the cards!


Life is beautiful when everything works in Harmony. Sometimes we are too busy thinking about tomorrow, our to do-lists, our fears, worries, anxieties and responsibilities to notice that actually, right here, right now, everything is just fine!

These moments of peace and contentment are fleeting and it would be a shame to miss them because we are not existing in the present.

Take some time to just be. Be aware of your surroundings, the people in your life, the food on your plate, the music in the air… I hope you will find some beauty and peace, a reason to celebrate, something to smile about.

When we truly open our eyes, ears, heart and mind we can feel at one with the Universe – connected with every living creature it contains and part of the Anima Mundi, the collective consciousness that tells us we are not alone. YOU are not alone. You are part of this world and the world is part of you – we need you! Without you, the Harmony will falter, the balance is upset, the peace is disturbed. Stay with us, live in the moment, lend us your voice and we will help you sing Xxx

(Deck: Tarot of the Hidden Realm)

#tarotmum13 #tarotfortoday

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