ELAK Tarot – First Impressions


My newest purchase arrived in the mail this morning – It’s an exciting Indie deck, the ELAK Tarot by Linnea Frank, that I had my eye on for a while. I purchased it from Elak London on Etsy and it was sent out promptly.

The deck comes in a simple drawstring pouch without unnecessary plastic wrapping. There is no little white book but I don’t feel that I need one either. The cards are RWS-inspired and each card is easily recognisable, despite only depicting a collage of some important symbolism or a “zoomed in” snapshot of a detail that suggests the larger picture.

The cardstock is thin and flexible and very easy to shuffle.

The back of the cards just shows the word ELAK but the striking colours were what caught my attention.

I love the warm orange and stormy blue/gray, punctuated with earthy browns and greens, golden yellows and blood-like reds.

Death is my favourite card so far – I think it is really clever to focus on the white horse rather than the skeleton rider!

This looks like it will be a very interesting deck to work with – can’t wait to get to know it better!!! I think I will edge it with an orange sharpie as that would just finish it off nicely for me 🤗.

#tarotmum13 #ELAKTAROT @ELAKLondon



      1. I’ve been looking at the Morgan Greer deck because I like it’s boarderlessness, and how colourful it is. I also like that it doesn’t look cartoony. I feel like this deck you’ve shared meets the same qualities but just in a very different but pleasing way 🙂

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        1. Yes, Morgan – Greer uses close-ups as well to get an intimate, approachable feel! This deck just takes that to the extreme ☺️ but I can certainly see why it would remind you of that!

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