New Moon Manifestation Magick

A little New Moon Manifestation Magick – calling on the Goddess-energy and placing my trust in the Universe – Celestite and Selenite will help send my message out in to the ether and keep it’s vibrations pure and bright, whilst Ansuz, the Rune of Wisdom, Insight and Vision will light my path.

I use the Queen of Pentacles as a focus to create domestic abundance, aided by a citrine point crystal, and the Queen of Cups with some rose quartz energy to let the Love flow freely – clear quartz amplifies the whole Spell whilst smoky quartz grounds and protects my intentions. Amethyst ensures Spiritual Awareness and growth!

That’s a whole lot of power on a small table – All charged with Intent!

Here’s to a Happy Home!!!


#tarotmum13 #newmoonmagic #manifesting with the New Moon

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