New Moon in Pisces vs. Mercury Retrograde

New Moon in Pisces vs. Mercury Retrograde – 2 strong energies are converging right now – New Moon encourages new beginnings – Pisces being a watersign it is likely these new seeds will be planted in the field of our Emotions, and we should be prepared for some disruption there under the influence of Mercury’s chaotic energy.

So I made up a quick Spread, drawing one Major Arcana and one Cups card each for both energies to see where the New Moon is trying to grow something and what Mercury is working against – and one card from the full deck to show how to deal with these opposing forces.

New Moon in Pisces : The Fool and the Knight of Cups ~ Taking a chance on Romance. Since coming out of a disastrous relationship with a controlling, abusive Narcissist I have been protecting myself against any form of romantic connection. This is a time to learn how to trust again and open myself up to the possibility that there might be someone out there for me who is worthy of that trust.

Mercury Retrograde: The Hierophant and the 9 of Cups ~ Traditional Thinking is interfering with my sense of self-discovery through Spiritual Tools. I have been coming to terms with the past and finding myself again through the use of Tarot, crystals, colour- and aroma therapy,… but I keep bumping in to resistance and ridicule from people around me.

Action required : Queen of Swords ~ I need to resolutely choose to be who I want to be, be sure of my self-worth and believe in myself enough to know that I am worthy of Love and Respect and don’t settle for anything less. I learn to speak my Truth – Toxic people are no longer welcome in my circle and any derogative comments or opinions will not touch me.

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