Wilted Love Spread

Wilted Love Spread ~ by Tarotmum13

(A spread I made for a friend who agreed to let me share it anonimously)

1. How do I know this love has withered beyond repair?

2. What is the main reason this Love has dried up?

3. How can I let it go with dignity and grace?

4. How can I prepare the soil so Love can bloom for me again?


1. 5 of Coins ~ you will feel bereft of the deep connection between you, as if you are left out alone in the cold.

2. 7 of Cups ~ you feel like you made the wrong choice and wish you had chosen differently, your heart is no longer in it and you are looking around for something more exciting!

3. The Hermit ~ Be quiet about this break-up and keep your feelings to yourself rather than posting them all over Social Media or gossiping with friends – take some time to examine why things did not work out and what your part in this was.

4. Page of Cups ~ you have already received tentative messages of Love from someone else, probably part of the reason you distanced yourself from your relationship in the first place and why you were doubting your choice of partner. Don’t rush in though, take time to get to know the other and see if you really both feel the same to avoid being disappointed again.

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