Tarot for Today ~ 09/03/19

TAROT FOR TODAY – your daily message from the cards!


This card represents Inspiration and triumph through the use of Intellect – your mind is sharp and you can cut through swathes of BS and smoke screens to the Truth underneath.

This will help you achieve mental clarity, make the right decisions, and ultimatly lead to breakthroughs and succes – but remember that swords can draw blood as well – in your eagerness to get to the right outcome for you, do not inadvertendly hurt someone else.

Sometimes the wielders of this sword can get a little carried away, feeling righteous and justified in their actions (which may be true), and so forget that the sword has to be sheathed at times so as to do no harm.

(Deck: Crystal Visions) – 09/03/19

#tarotmum13 #tarotfortoday

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