Tarot for Today ~ 10/03/19

TAROT FOR TODAY – your daily message from the cards!


The crab emerging from the sea represents the birth of your consciousness – but in order to reach higher ground it needs to get past your inner Wolf and Hound, both your untamed and your domesticated side can stop you from reaching enlightenment – as you become more aware of the power of the Universe that surrounds us, you need to be disciplined enough to focus your intent but also open to your instinct and intuition.

Modern man has lost touch with the Old Magic, that spark that resides in each of us – but it is still there. All we have to do is ignite it!

Our path is being made more treacherous by the fickle light of the Moon – though it illuminates the road ahead, it also casts frightening shadows and makes us imagine things that are not there.

Let us not be afraid but walk this path together xxx

(Deck: Druïd Craft Tarot) – 10/03/19

#tarotmum13 #tarotfortoday

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