Tarot for Today ~ 11/03/19

TAROT FOR TODAY – your daily message from the cards!


There is knowledge and wisdom to be found deep within ourselves – when we take some time out of our busy schedules and find some quiet space for introspection and contemplation, we are literally taking “a breather”. Modern Society leaves almost no room to breathe without someone commenting on our rythm! There is no space for solitude. Even alone in a room we are constantly in touch with others, via mobile phone, email, Skype,… how many of us wake up during the night and reach for our phones to see who’s messages, opinions, judgements we have missed in our few hours of being switched off?

The Hermit invites you to retreat from this intrusive social control – you can still be part of Humanity without the constant interference of Society!

Quiet time will soothe your over-extended nervous system, relax your mind and let you be truly yourself, without the need for the variety of masks we all wear for the outside world. When you can enjoy your own company and accept yourself unconditionally for who you are, you will find that it matters less whether Society approves of your choices or not. Spend some time with yourself and learn to Love being YOU!

(Deck: the Textured Tarot) – 11/03/19

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