Aspects of Hecate


A Spread by Tarotmum13

You can do this spread just for yourself, looking at how all aspects of the Tripple Goddess are represented in you – but I chose to break it down over 3 generations.

*MY DAUGHTER (Maiden): 2 of Cups – Maya’s young and fresh energy is so infectious, she brings laughter and light wherever she goes – She is incredibly trusting, open and honest – all she asks in return is to be loved as she loves: unconditionally. She is very sensitive and we need to respect this part of her by being gentle, understanding and encouraging. Maya thrives when we form a real partnership where, despite her young age, she is not being patronised but is regarded as an individual with her own needs, dreams and responsibilities.

*ME (Mother): 6 of Pentacles – My main role is to provide for Maya, financially, physically, mentally and emotionally. But it is certainly not one-sided, as she gives me so much love and joy in return! I also provide some help and support for my Mother who is getting older and needs a hand every now and then, completing the circle from when she was the one caring for me. This particular 6 of Pentacles represents communication to me as well – apart from answering all my 4 year old’s questions about Life, The Universe and Everything, I often find myself “translating” between my daughter, who comes from an emotional place, and my mother’s more practical approach – making sure they find balance and common ground.

*MY MOTHER (Crone): 10 of Cups – My mother is the central pillar in our family, she is the one we all gravitate towards and she is always available, no matter what any of her children or grandchildren need, she is there to support us – whether it is advice, a small loan, some food or clothes that need mending – She keeps a space for all of us, in her heart as well as her home. She has always been a strong matriarch, but she has definitely mellowed with age, and I love seeing the emotional bond between Maya and my mum growing day by day. Being a mother myself now has also brought a better understanding of how and why my mum acts and reacts the way she does.

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