Trionfi della Luna

TRIONFI DELLA LUNA ~ this Marseille-style sister deck to the wonderful Deviant Moon has been on my wish list since I first laid eyes on her.

I was lucky enough to snag a “Frankenstein deck” as the creator calls it (for a very modest Price!) – the Major and Minor Arcana were printed seperately and then put together, so both parts of the deck bend slightly in opposite directions – not a problem for me!

The deck came beautifully packaged in a signed wrapper, with 3 extra cards tucked in! Bonus!

The deck itself already has 10 extra oracle cards, and an additional number 16 – “Il Fulmine” (Lightning), which can be put in place of The Tower.

The deck has original Italian titles which gives it a very authentic feel. The cardstock feels lovely and smooth, not too thick nor too thin.

There is no little white book as yet, this is still under construction but you can already look up the meanings of the 10 Oracle cards on the Deviant Moon site.

Here you can see all the cards in the Major Arcana:

And these are the Minors, with pip-style cards as is customary in the Marseille tradition – I like that the numbers are on the side so you can turn the cards sideways (in keeping with the extra Oracle cards). With pip cards there are no reversals after all:

Patrick Valenza has certainly outdone himself here – I have already ordered his Royal Mischief Transformational Playing Cards and I can’t wait for the Deviant Moon Oracle deck to come out next!!!



    1. I am just starting to work with them now, after the resurgent in people who are interested in RWS decks the Tarot de Marseille is now becoming increasingly popular so I thought I should familiarise myself more in case I get any questions lol – I have 2 Marseille style decks but then I saw this one and I really love Patrick Valenza’s work, it’s so fun and quirky!

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      1. That’s a good idea! Way way back in the day, maybe 16 or 17 years ago, before I got my first deck I really connected with, I had a Marseille deck. I had it because of the French, but never really read with it, or understood the history of the deck style. One day I might venture back toward it, but that day is not today lol. Good job keeping an eye on the trends 🙂

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