Tarot for Today ~ 17/03/19

TAROT FOR TODAY – your daily message from the cards!


How often are you told that you have to be “strong”? Everybody says it, but what do they mean?

There are many ways to be strong ~ you can be firm, speak your mind, don’t let anyone bulldoze over you – or you can be quiet, gentle, persuasive, bend a little but not break.

Strength is in the mother, who, tired as she is, still patiently reads her kids a bedtime story, lovingly tucks them in before going to pick up their toys, wash the dishes and get their clothes and schoolbags ready for tomorrow.

Strength is in the boy who goes to school every day, feeling like he doesn’t quite fit in and struggling to make friends, yet still staying true to himself.

It’s easy to be strong when everything is going your way – but at those times when you are clinging on for dear life, managing to blossom in a harsh environment, finding hope where others see none, THAT’s when true strength shows through!

And it’s not about shouting the loudest, being physically fit, forcing a breakthrough… It’s about facing your fears and taming the beast within, about managing to keep your temper in check when your blood is boiling, and about getting up after falling flat on your face.

I KNOW you have it in you & I am rooting for you! Xxx

(Deck: the Tarot of Trees) – 17/03/19

#tarotmum13 #tarotfortoday

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