Super Sugar Moon!

Re-using my simple February 19th Supermoon spread for this Thursday March 20th Super Sugar Moon!

The last in a series of 3 Super Moons (and the last of 2019!) is extra special, because it falls together with the Spring Equinox ~ this does not happen often – Last time was 38 years ago!

Thursday’s full moon is traditionally known as the Sugar Moon, Storm Moon or Worm Moon (or Lenten Moon, Crow Moon,…)

Here are my results!

1. High Tide ~ Knight of Wands: My drive and inspiration to commence new projects will be at an all time high, along with passion and sexual energy (which may lead to some frustration lol as I am not currently seeing anyone!).

2. Low Tide ~ 7 of Cups: My ability to make smart, helpful, empowering choices may suffer a bit – best look for advice and not make any rash decisions!

3. Balance ~ 6 of Wands: The best course of action is to remind myself of those times where I have been successful and received recognition, I can use these as a guideline for my current projects and meassure up the choices presented to me against past triumphs to avoid making bad choices now.

Sugar Moon Blessings to all!



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