Tarot for Today ~ 19/03/19

TAROT FOR TODAY – your daily message from the cards!


Today is Fathersday in my neck of the woods ~ We’re also getting ready to move from Pisces in to Aries, the sign that in Tarot is strongly represented by the Emperor ~ a perfect opportunity to take a closer look at this strong male that rules the deck next to his Empress!

Where the Empress is concerned with nurturing, growth, happiness and abundance for her people, this man, although paternal, is first and formost a formidable Ruler. He can be stern, authorative, a stickler for the rules. He is all about strategic planning, organization and making sure the system works. Sounds a bit cold? Well, the other side of the coin is that he is reliable, strong, and this father will do anything in his power to protect his family. He has gained wisdom troughout the years and will guide you with knowledge and determination.

Even though he is definitely a figure who commands respect, he is also willing to give respect in return. As a true leader, he will always think of his followers’ needs and will act for the greater good rather than out of selfishness, anger or pride.

When this card appears, it is time to step up. Discipline and order are called for ~ you will not just be needed to lead others, but do so in service to the community. It is this balance of power & humility that is the Emperor’s most redeeming feature.

(Deck: Mary El Tarot) – 19/03/19

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