Tarot for Today ~ 21/03/19

TAROT FOR TODAY – your daily message from the cards!


We all want to win, don’t we? But at what cost? Sometimes, winning the battle can still lose you the war…

The figure on this card is looking pretty pleased with himself, showing off his spoils without any regard for the loss and suffering that is being felt around him.

It’s fair to say that nobody is going to proclaim him a Hero or be inclined to celebrate his victory…

When you can only win by compromising your values, acting unethically or being completely insensitive to the pain you are causing others, you have already lost.

I know you WANT it, but do you really NEED it? More than you need to be able to look yourself, your friends, family, peers or even adversaries in the eye without being ashamed?

There can be Honor in defeat, sometimes, when you’ve given it your all, bowing out gracefully is the decent thing to do.

You can still hold your head up high, this was just not meant to be. There will be other opportunities and what is for you will not pass you by. Trust in this.

Don’t resort to bulldozing over others without regard – any resulting success will not give you satisfaction but leave a bitter taste, knowing that you only won by causing pain to others. You are better than this, my friend!

(Deck: The Gilded Tarot) – 21/03/19

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