Tarot for Today ~ 22/03/19

TAROT FOR TODAY – your daily message from the cards!


Today’s card is all about peace, serenity, love and light.

To achieve this state of tranquility we have to calm the waters.

Feelings can be exhausting, whether they are experienced as “good” or “bad”.

We are all emotional beings, but what we have to learn is to experience these emotions, let them pass through us & then let them go.

This card is not particularly about the heady hights of pure joy and delight – Nobody can be happy all the time, but we can be content.

When we learn to accept our feelings, understand their source, follow the flow and release them again, we can be at peace.

We spend our lives on a rollercoaster – chasing the highs and hanging on for dear life facing the lows… But there is no need to be bound to anger, guilt, remorse or sorrow – nor do we need to pursue exhileration, ecstasy, thrills and elation. We simply have to BE.

(Deck: The Good Tarot) – 22/03/19

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