Free Falling ~ a Spread by Tarotmum13

I got this free postcard with an Etsy order ~ just what I needed for this SPREAD!


1. Free Fall: What situation feels beyond my control?

2. Parachute: How can I slow down and regain control?

3. Safety Net: Which protective factors can I deploy to stop myself from falling again?

My Results:

1. 10 of Wands: I feel like I am in over my head just now, so much to do & so little energy! Household chores are piling up, as well as appointments and family obligations.

2. Queen of Wands: I am aware of my strengths & limitations and know I should be pacing myself so as not to deplete my energy levels. Be organised, make a plan, have the confidence & strength to say “no” when I am being expected to do things that do not fit in my schedule.

3. 6 of Cups: By being honest to my family when I can not manage something, they can better understand where I am coming from – I can ask them to help me out when needed, they love me and won’t mind. This will only serve to strengthen our bonds. By being gentle with myself, allowing myself the space & time I need, and asking for help when needed, I will be able to enjoy more harmony in my life.



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