Tarot for Today ~ 24/03/19

TAROT FOR TODAY – your daily message from the cards!


Our Empress rests in a veritable Garden of Eden, surrounded by lush forrests, a life-giving waterfall and the ripe wheat growing at het feet. Her gown, covered in pommegranates, speaks of abundance, fertility and birth. She is connected to both the mystical and the natural world, equally at home in both – her crown of 12 stars symbolising both the 12 signs if the Zodiac & the 12 months of the year. The sign of Venus at her side, she personifies Love, Beauty, Fertility and Creativity. The globe on her scepter encompasses the World she rules with ease & grace.

This card honors the warm, nurturing female energy in each of us, and its appearance in a spread speaks of growth, nourishment, creation, sensuality and pleasure. It asks us to get in touch with nature, to celebrate all it gives us, revel in the taste, sound, smell and feel of it – walk barefoot through the grass, trail your hand through a stream, let juicy berries explode in your mouth, smell the damp earth after the rain… With all our senses awakened, we can open ourselves up to the joys of Love, explore our sensuous side and celebrate our sexuality. In questions about fertility and childbirth the Empress appears as an Omen of faith and promise.

She can also personify the birth of new ideas and ventures.

The Empress urges you to practise self-care, to look after your own needs and feelings and love yourself without meassure. What did you do today that was just for you? Have you taken some time for a self-check? If not, please, do so now…

(Deck: Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative Set) – 24/03/19

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