Tarot for Today ~ 25/03/19

TAROT FOR TODAY – your daily message from the cards!


Look at this Knight go! He’s literally charging in, but has he got a real focus on his target?

The Knight of Swords loves gathering as many experiences, bits of knowledge and conquests as possible – But he isn’t one to stick around…

Like the Social Butterfly that he is, he will breeze in to your life like a breath of fresh air – but when he leaves he is sure to leave some storm-damage behind.

Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing – sometimes our lives need a bit of a shake-up and it can leave us refreshed, pushed past a stale-mate and in to action; but beware, for this Knight has a dark side too…

In Reversals, this utterly charming, blow your socks off, talk you under the table, brimming with knowledge, magnetic personality can take of his/her mask and reveal the Narcissistic, Sociopathic or Psychopathic monster underneath. The damage this person can do amounts to much more than a broken heart, a lost wager, or a reckless adventure – for these kind of personalities will relish wooing you untill you are utterly in their thrall, and then break you – mentally, emotionally, financially, even physically if you do not get out in time… before moving on to the next target – take care my friends!

(Deck: Sharman-Caselli deck) – 25/03/19

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