Connect 4 ~ a 5 Card Spread by Tarotmum13

CONNECT 4 – a 5 Card Spread of my own making – starting with a painful or difficult situation (you can choose a card deliberately to represent your issue), follow the arrows around (if I do this…, then… this will happen), until you arrive back at the start but now fully equiped to deal with that situation. The card in the middle is pulled from the Major Arcana, and is the overall Life-lesson this situation teaches you. Come to think of it, an Oracle Card or Rune would work just as well in this position!


Here are my results:

3 OF SWORDS ~ a Lover I put my trust in betrayed me and I am still affected by the wounds ➡️ ACE OF SWORDS ~ like pulling the Sword out of the Stone, I can take that pain and use it to make sure I never put myself in a situation like that again. From now on I will speak my truth and stand up for myself. I have learned to trust my instinct and if someone’s energy feels wrong I can use this sword to cut them loose ➡️ 8 OF RODS ~ When I believe in myself and trust my intuition, things will start changing fast – by not accepting toxic people in my environment and surrounding myself with Love & Light I will create a more positive future and will attract good tidings and messages of Hope & Support ➡️ QUEEN OF CUPS ~ surrounded by a loving support network, I can regain my strength and equilibrium. I am now in control of my emotions & can let any pain flow through me. I keep my cup brimming with Love, for myself as well as my nearest & dearest ➡️ 3 OF SWORDS ~ I can now cleanse this pain in the steady flow of Love & Respect for myself – I stop picking at the scabs and let the wounds heal! I have come out stronger & wiser.

Life Lesson: THE HERMIT ~ there is strength and knowledge inside of me that I can tap in to whenever I need it – I do not need to be in a (romantic) relationship to be whole, I am enough! I enjoy my own company and take time to explore who I am.

There you go: 5 cards; Connect 4; 3 steps to handling your problem! 🤗

I hope you find this Spread useful!


Deck used: 7881149C-F172-4B4F-99B7-B4866157D5C7.jpeg

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