Tarot for Today ~ 26/03/19

TAROT FOR TODAY – your daily message from the cards!

THE MYSTAGOGUE (THE HIEROPHANT): Our Hierophant here certainly looks the part ~ he looks like he can tell us a tale or two, talk enticingly about Myths, Legends, Allegories and Parables, all containing a moral lesson to guide us on our Path…

Tradition is important to this Teacher – especially the Spiritual or Religious Rites of Passage, the Rules & Expectations.

And there IS something beautiful & comforting about the old ways – doing things just like your ancestors did, following in their footsteps and, just for that moment, feeling connected…

The Hierophant holds the key to Knowledge, to unlock some of the mysteries in Life – like an experienced Librarian, he can show us where to look to find the answers we so desperately seek.

But sometimes, this Wise Man is not all he seems. Sometimes, what he is preaching is just knowledge gained from books or hearsay, not tried and tested by personal experience, or even remotely related to Original Thought – A Doctrine, expected to be followed unquestioningly, as opposed to an informed choice made by those who can feel the Truth down in the depths of their Soul.

Personal Freedom is a high price to pay, yet Organised Religion only thrives when enough people make this sacrifice… but we are not just talking about Religion here ~ Art, Fashion, Ethics, Philosophy,… they are all governed by those rolemodels society puts on a pedestal.

Will you follow the masses? Or will you follow your heart? Not an easy choice to make…

(Deck: Tarot of the Zirkus Mägi) – 26/03/19

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