Tarot for Today ~ 27/03/19

TAROT FOR TODAY – your daily message from the cards!


This Ace represents the perfect medicine for all your woes: Love, Respect, Compassion, Emotional & Spiritual fulfillment,…

Like all Aces, it heralds new beginnings and opportunities, this time in the watery realm of feelings and the senses.

The bottle here contains a Love Potion, which is very apt, since this card often brings the promise of New Love.

But perhaps the most important message here is to love ourselves, unconditionally! Only when we are full of love can we start to pour it out for others. We can be a vessel, holding so much love and positivity, that we can quench the thirst of any and all living creatures on this planet.

Imagine how lush this world could be if every living Soul in it was treated with compassion and respect!

But we often handle this precious bottle carelessly – and when it is overturned the wondrous waters within are wasted.

At first we will feel like we are drowning in the sea of emotions pouring out, then gradually the flow will slow to a mere trickle, until it stops completely…

As we let the well run dry, we will find that not much can thrive in these dry, acrid conditions but bitterness and dispair.

Without the flow of creativity, wonder, excitement and joy, we can never feel fullfilled. Luckily we can always return to The Source, The Fountain of Life, to replenish our supply of the cool, nourishing, Life giving Waters we need to sustain us ~ we only need to be open and receptive to tap in to this ever-flowing undercurrant! There is plenty to go around – So let us fill our cups to the brim, drink deeply and share freely! Keep the flow steady and your cup will never run dry.

(Deck: Antique Anatomy Tarot) – 27/03/19

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