Tarot for Today ~ 31/03/19

TAROT FOR TODAY – your daily message from the cards!


This is a card all about keeping things balanced, steady, on an even keel ~ maintaining this equilibrium is not always easy. When temperaments flare and passions ignite, we have a tendency to burn bright. So adding some cool water to the mix might even things out a bit.

To embody the energy of this card, we need to take a step back and adopt a slightly detached approach. This does not mean we do not care, it means we won’t let our emotions lead the way.

Temperance urges us towards moderation, in our emotional reactions, our life style, our health, wellbeing,…

So it might mean you are expected to mediate between friends, family members or in your professional capacity.

It can mean you need to try and collect all the facts in a situation and examine them calmly, rather than flying off the handle and slamming doors.

It can also be a literal message to curb your eating or drinking habits, and it is a card that does at times crop up when someone is battling an alcohol or drug addiction or struggling with an eating disorder. The surrounding cards in a Spread should point you in the right direction.

My stock phrase for this card is “adding water to your wine” – which you can apply to various situations, metaphorically and literally!

(Deck: The Fairy Tale Tarot) – 31/03/19

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