Tarot Courts

The Court Families can be a little intimidating to Tarot Students – they can be hard to tell apart and confusing to memorise. The best way to remember their personality traits is maybe to choose a person (real or fictional) that fits each card.

Don’t know where to start? I have put together one adjective and one descriptive noun for each of the Courts.

The Pages:

Page of Cups: Sensitive Messenger

Page of Swords: Curious Investigator

Page of Wands: Risk-Taking Explorer

Page of Pentacles: Opportunistic Student

The Knights:

Knight of Cups: Charming Romantic

Knight of Swords: Intelligent Debater

Knight of Wands: Passionate Adventurer

Knight of Pentacles: Disciplined Worker

The Queens:

Queen of Cups: Loving Mother-figure

Queen of Swords: Strong-minded Mama-Bear

Queen of Wands: Confident Social Butterfly

Queen of Pentacles: Practical Domestic Goddess

The Kings:

King of Cups: Diplomatic Role-Model

King of Swords: Respected Regulator

King of Wands: Inspirational Mentor

King of Pentacles: Dependable Provider

Of course, there’s more to all of them than meets the eye, and plenty more to be said about them ~ but it’s a starting point!

Can you think of someone with these characteristics?


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