Tarot for Today ~ 01/04/19

TAROT FOR TODAY – your daily close-up of the cards!


Mister Dependable ~ This King is the typical Family Man ~ he is concerned about providing for them, is warm and kind, yet practical and to the point.

He is good at managing the day-to-day household tasks and takes his fair share of the chores! He cooks, cleans, puts the kids to bed, does dishes and laundry.

This modern man does not need his woman doing those things for him! In fact, he loves pampering her too! Breakfast in bed will not just be for birthdays or Valentine…

He will likely have a steady job that brings in enough money to afford everything a family needs. At work he will be a capable role-model for less experienced colleagues.

But sometimes, he can over-tip the the scales – he can become a bit tedious and a tad boring/predictable – at his worst, he can be obsessed with status-symbols and keeping up with the Joneses. He can be prone to bragging and obsessed with owning the latest technology.

When this card appears in a reversed position, you may be dealing with someone who is financially inept, a bit of a leech!

But most often there are many admirable qualities to be found in a man like this ~ of course, as usual: the King does not HAVE to represent a male, many females can share these same attributes!! Xxx

(Deck: The Fenestra Tarot)

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