Tarot for Today ~ 04/04/19

TAROT FOR TODAY – your daily close-up of the cards!


Who does not love pulling this card from the deck? Whether you asked about a lover, a job opportunity, a new venture or exam results, this card is full of promise.

It seems to suggest that all your dreams can come true and all you have to do is believe…

Most of us have wished upon a star at some point – whether it was the first star appearing in the night sky, or a falling star streaking through the dark – so it is no great leap from that to understanding The Star to be a wish-card.

I have seen this card come up in many different situations: from literally predicting a rise to star-dom and fame, to reassuring a new Mum that it’s okay if she wants to sing Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star to her baby 40 times rather than let him “cry it out” and “self-soothe”! It can also depict a dear deoarted Loved one watching over you.

The Star can signal a time of Serenity, draw attention to Synchronisities and predict events ruled by Serendipity (my that’s a lot of “S”’s!).

This card wants you to remember that there is always Hope, that things will turn out well and you are doing the right thing.

It signifies a perfect time for Spiritual Growth as well as realising ideas. New ventures born under this sign are highly likely to be a success.

Of course, every Light casts a Shadow, but in this case it is more like a little push in the right direction. Reversed, this card can be telling you to tone things down a bit, maybe not get your hopes up TOO high nor get ahead of yourself – it might also be saying you need to stop just wishing & dreaming, roll up your sleeves and start DOING something to help your dream along!

In neither of these cases this card is telling you that what you wish for is not within reach. The Star is gentle, even when reversed. She wants to coax you out of your despair and ignite your sense of Faith, Wonder & Belief.

Maybe there is some confusion on your part about what exactly it IS that you want? The Star urges you to shine a light on it, figure it out, follow your heart… The stars have always been used to navigate by, so set a course and let this Star be your Guide!

Xxx (Deck: Ethereal Visions)

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