Tarot for Today ~ 05/04/19

TAROT FOR TODAY – your daily close-up of the cards!


Ever found yourself in a situation you can’t get out of? An unhappy relationship, an addiction, or even a party you hate?

Sometimes, we have the right intention but we need a little help to get out of an undesirable situation.

The Lady in this boat is accepting the Ferry-Man’s help to get her and her child safely accross the water. The child is looking to her for safety and comfort. Their reflection on the water suggests a reflective mood…

I am reminded of The Lady of the Lake, taking her young charge to the Isle of Avalon ~ I read “The Mists of Avalon” as a Teen and it stuck by me ~ In that case, young Morgaine is headed towards a completely different life!

This card is all about making a change.

Often it represents an actual journey (likely oversees). I remember pulling this card long ago when trying to decide if I should move to Scotland, and then again years later signalling it was time to return home. Both moves needed help and support, physically as well as emotionally!

As we are dealing with a Sword card, planning your move/escape/get-away will take some strategic thinking, and can also cause some pain…

You can see that the travellers are taking the 6 swords in the boat. This suggests they are carrying the burden, pain, regret of the past with them.

The swords can be used to cut unhealthy ties & bagage away – they can also be used to defend yourself going in to an unknown situation. But if you don’t really need them, consider letting them go…

And know this: you are making a change for the better and there are people who care about you that want to help. Let them. We can’t always go it alone, and we don’t have to either!

Reversed, the 6 of Swords shows your reluctance to make a change that is crucial in your life. It asks you to examine the reasons why you don’t want to start the next cycle and urges you to look forward, not back. I know change can be scary, but so is getting left behind. Look for the positives a move can bring and the negatives will resolve themselves.


(Deck: The Pre-Raphaelite Tarot)

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