Tarot for Today ~ 06/04/19

TAROT FOR TODAY – your daily close-up of the cards!


This depiction of the 8 of Staves/Wands is made more interesting by the addition of a startled Maiden ~ putting a slight spin on traditional meanings.

The 8 of Wands is generally seen as a card predicting swift action, news, messages coming your way. In this day and age of electronic communication, this card to me usually signifies e-mail or text messages because of the speed they are delivered with, which is funny because if you asked me 10 years ago it would have meant receiving a letter! Shows how Tarot evolves with the times!

This particular card here shows that the news you receive may come as a shock to you, the look on the Maidens’ face tells you that not all of the information delivered may be desirable and she is scrambling to get out of the way!

Whether good, bad, or indifferent, one thing is clear: the situation will be resolved speedily, you will soon have your answer!

Now you need to figure out how you are going to deal with it…

Sometimes if things are happening fast, we react instinctively instead of thinking things through. Especially in this digital age this can get us in trouble!

I am thinking about getting caught up in some flirty texting, messages flying back and forth, and before you know it texting turns in to sexting… do you really know that person well enough to trust them with naked pictures of you?

Or, you are annoyed with someone and send them a message on Social Media straight away. You can’t take that back… if you had to wait until next time you met the subject of your displeasure, your temper might have cooled down and your reaction would have been different…

Sometimes the 8 of Wands reminds me of a snowball rolling down a slope, gathering momentum and gaining weight so the impact will be much greater when it hits.

Don’t get caught up in the speed of events ~ if you need a moment to think things through, take it! Don’t let anyone pressure you in to a rash decision you may come to regret!


(Deck: Tarot Mucha)

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