Tarot for Today ~ 07/04/19

TAROT FOR TODAY – your daily close-up of the cards!


The Justice card from this (very weird & wonderful!) digital deck shows a woman wearing a falcons hood, effectively blinding her, armour and a long flowing skirt. She is holding the scales that weigh your hearth against a feather. The cobra at her feet is Amenti, eater of unworthy souls.

The LWB with this deck gives the exact same message for Justice Upright as for Justice Reversed: “You will get exactly what you deserve!”

Although this did make me chuckle, it’s not exactly how I would read the Justice card…

It is true that this card can signify some sort of Karmic Balance, but there’s so much more to it.

To me Justice represents the Truth, Ethical Thinking, Fairness and Objectivity.

We are all responsible for the decisions we make and the consequences that follow.

Use logic and reason to determine the best course of action and stay true to yourself, so your integrity will not be compromised.

Justice Reversed signifies getting away with something without being held accountable, being dishonest or unfair in your decisions and jumping to conclusions. The punishments you are meting out can be either too harsh or letting someone off too lightly. This goes for yourself as well: do not be too hard on yourself, but don’t keep making excuses either!


(Deck: Boadicea’s Tarot of Earthly Delights)

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