Tarot for Today ~ 08/04/19

TAROT FOR TODAY – your daily close-up of the cards!


At times this card reminds me of the skirmishes I used to have growing up with my siblings… all in good fun, until someone got hurt!

The Elves in this card seem to enjoy practising their skills, having mock-fights with their sticks. And sometimes it CAN be fun to play-fight, debate, play Devil’s Advocate and tease eachother. But be careful not to take it too far because then it can turn in to a real fight!

This card usually stands for disagreements, arguments and conflict, whereby nothing really gets resolved. Everyone is just posturing, trying to intimidate their opponent and gain the upper hand, instead of working towards a productive solution.

Although the wands are not actually hitting anyone, the constant clashing can still wear you down.

I often see this card appear when the Narcissist/Sociopath partner in a relationship is using derogative remarks, Gaslighting and sneaky put-me-downs to burrow under their partner’s skin and eat away at their self-esteem. When caught, they will loudly proclaim it was “just a joke”, but the long-term damage done to the victims is very real!!!

There are also some positives to be found in this card, throwing around as many ideas as possible can result in a productive brainstorming exercise, and debating clubs can teach you how to form a constructive argument. Sometimes, this type of conflict can teach you to stand up for yourself, even if it does push you outside your comfort zone.

Reversed, this card can indicate you are coming out of a period filled with draining arguments, so it’s time for a breather and to regain your composure. You should finally be able to reach a mutually beneficial resolution.


(Deck: the Victorian Fairy Tarot)

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