Tarot for Today ~ 10/04/19

TAROT FOR TODAY – your daily close-up of the cards!


Tap in to your endless supply of mystical energy, open up your mind to receive the messages sent out by the Universe and the Collective Consciousness, trust your Intuition.

You ARE the High Priestess, perfectly balanced between light and dark, between knowledge and strength, the conscious and the subconscious mind, between the masculine and the feminine. All you have to do is accept your dual nature and BE. You can have one foot in each world and still stand strong.

At times, you can use common sense and the gathering of facts to make up your mind about a situation. But sometimes it requires more. A different kind of understanding. When your gut feeling tells you there’s something fishy going on, pay attention. Trust your judgement, you know more than you know.

The High Priestess will lift the veil and show you the answer – physical proof is not needed here, your spidy-senses tingling, your skin crawling, your hair standing on end and goosebumps on your flesh, those are proof enough.

Don’t meet that guy you met online. Don’t accept that ride. Don’t go home with her. Do accept that job. Do go on that holiday. Do text back that man you met last week… you KNOW what is right and what isn’t! You can FEEL it.

The more your intuition notices that you believe in her, the harder she will work for you. Make her your best friend. The one you turn to first in times of uncertainty. She won’t let you down.

Xxx (Deck: the Bleu Cat Tarot)

#tarotmum13 #tarotfortoday

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