Tarot for Today ~ 11/04/19

TAROT FOR TODAY – your daily close-up of the cards!


Speaking of mutual affection, respect and friendship, this is a card of balance – in a relationship as well as within yourself!

Many people assume this 2 of Cups has to include 2 people, but it can be about balancing your own inherent duality too.

When talking about a relationship, be it romantic, platonic or familial, the main thing this card shows you is that the love and affection is reciprocal.

The Caduceus staff depicts cosmic balance on all levels – physically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually.

When we accept both the masculine and the feminine energy in ourselves and others, the Light and the Shadow, Yin and Yang, we can live in harmony. The staff is also used to represent trade, a fair exchange, negotiation – this can be about sharing thoughts and ideas with one another on an emotional or spiritual level, sharing joy and pleasure in a physical union, or it could point towards a succesful business relationship.

The wings above the staff represent the Heavenly Spheres, and the lions-head can stand for Divine Strength, but also for passion, so it may well depict a sexual relationship but it can also mean you just share the same passions. Whatever the case may be, this union is blessed! The overal meaning suggests that this is about someone you see eye to eye with, who gets you and has your back.

When reversed, it might mean one of you is not being true and deception may be at play – it could also point out misunderstandings or imbalance, and a lack of open and honest communication.

Sometimes, the reversed 2 of Cups points towards a relationship that is purely sexual and lacks emotional investement, which is not necessarily problematic unless one party wants it to be more than that!


(Deck: Ator Tarot)

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