Tarot in a Tin

I just realised I never showed you guys the little TAROT IN A TIN set that I got from Greenwomancrafts in  (Check out her Etsy shop)

It’s a Tarot set consisting of little charms that you can cast to read your fortune.

They also come as a bracelet people!

The charms themselves are very well chosen, it was entirely clear to me which one represents which card. You can see them all in the right order here:

I really like the whole concept and I have had fun using this little set, but I do have one or two issues with it.

The set has the 22 Major Arcana representations (and the ubiquitous Happy Squirell) – But only one of each for the Minor Suits. If you pull one of those, you roll the dice to see which number/court card you use.

Obviously this means you are statistically much more likely to pull a Major than a Minor! Also, the dice is very hard to read, you can’t make out the numbers/symbols very well at all. But of course, this could be replaced… Overall a fun set to use ~ It does not come with instructions but it’s easy enough for anyone with basic Tarot knowledge.

Check out my sample reading!

I asked why I was feeling a little down today and how to get over it. Pulled the 5 of Cups, The Wheel of Fortune and Justice. So in a nutshell, I have been looking at negatives rather than focussing on the positive, I need to remind myself how quickly fortunes can change and I will get what is coming to me if I’m just a little patient 🤗

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