Shadow Play


Two halves that make a whole ~ every source of Light casts a Shadow, every Shadow defines a Light.

We should not fear our Shadow-Selves, but rather explore them, try to understand them and find a way to live with them.

We go through Life trying to show our best selves to the outside world, hiding our darker impulses. But anything you suppress will rear it’s ugly head in another area of your life!

We can not shake off our Shadows so we may as well embrace them…

Shadow Work (exploring the darker, hidden parts of your personality) can be hard, confusing and unsettling.

So here’s a gentle approach to prepare you for the Nitty-Gritty!

The tarot spread will help you to recognise your positive as well as your less desirable character traits, whilst the journaling exercise will remind you not to be too hard on yourself, to realise nothing is all “bad” and there are reasons for your behaviour.

Above all: love and accept your whole Self!!!

SHADOW PLAY ~ a Tarot Exercise by Tarotmum13 :

Cards 1 and 2 are about traits that you are aware of, if you want you can choose these cards on purpose out of your deck.

If you get stuck whilst journalling, you can pull extra cards for clarification and advice.





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