Tarot for Today

TAROT FOR TODAY – your daily close-up of the cards!


This beautiful golden Cornucopia filled with Pentacles or Coins signifies a succesful completion of your cycle concerning material wealth, comfort and achievement, leaving you with an abundance of the fruits of your labour.

It is a card often showing up when someone is near retirement, signalling that they have worked long and hard and can now rest on their laurels. I find that in this day and age, this lovely depiction is often a Utopia, a perfect dream of a future that for a good few of us seems just out of reach. Pensions are often poor and leaving large sums of money for your loved ones is not something all of us can accomplish! So I like to look at some other legacies you can leave behind…

The traditional depiction of this card, shows an elderly man with a dog, surrounded by his family, in a well-to-do setting like a private courtyard ~ The city and all it’s riches within reach…

To me, this card means that you are comfortable with who you are. You can enjoy the simple pleasures in life: dinner with friends and family, walks with your dog, evenings in by the fire, maybe looking through old photographs…

You no longer have a need for posturing and competition, you can just live in the moment.

Check in on elderly relatives or lonely friends an make an effort to include them.

I find this card often comes up when people are wondering about their pets, whether living or over the rainbow bridge. Pets bring out the best in us, they teach us about unconditional love and loyalty, and that is one of the most important lessons we can learn in our life here on Earth.

Make sure your pets are provided for should anything happen to you ~ not that this card indicates anything will happen, but for your own peace of mind!

I have also seen this card come up when people are considering home improvements.

Reversed, this card most often indicates arguments over an inherritance. It can also warn of robbery and deceit or simply urge you to make repairs to your home to keep it safe, cosy, warm and dry!


(Deck: The Sacred Rose Tarot)

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