Tarot for Today

TAROT FOR TODAY – your daily close-up of the cards!


This card shows you a young (or young at heart!!) person who is not affraid to try their hand at anything!

They are full of self-belief, without being arrogant. They simply will not accept being told they are not capable of doing something and will readily prove those that try wrong.

They love exploring new options, juggling tasks and taking a chance.

Although their heart is in the right place, they don’t always see things through till the end ~ something else might catch their attention and off they go!

In matters of love, however, they are trustworthy, passionate, attentive and 100% there for the person they have claimed as “theirs”.

The Page of Wands is not adversed to some hard work, they are willing and able to help out in a pinch. They have a thirst for knowledge and can be surprisingly enlightened.

If you are this Page, you are a wonderful friend ~ fun to be around but not superficial.

This card can also be an omen for good news coming your way.

When Reversed, the news it brings may not be as positive as you have hoped. Or the card may be warning you that someone is not as stable or dependable as they seem. It can also point to some indecisiveness on your part, and a lack of spontaneity or adventurous spirit.


(Deck: Romani Tarot)

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