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The Queen of Swords often gets a bad rep, being portrayed as the meddling mother-in-law, a gossip, or a woman with a sharp and nasty tongue.

I feel this is doing her a great disservice (although some of it may be true, depending on the position of the card in a Spread) ~ I see the Queen of Swords as an intelligent, outspoken, reasonable woman (or man!), acutely aware of her surroundings and capable of wonderful diplomacy (if she chooses).

Of course, her oratory skills can put you in your place should you ever cross her!

This is not a woman you want to mess with… but if you need someone to fight your corner, she’s your girl!

Extremely sociable, this Queen will traverse a room full of people with ease. Her confidence and ability to talk about most subjects with knowledge and insight, make her very attractive to men and women alike. She may inspire jealousy at times, from those who envy her social graces and sharp wit.

She does have to take care not to come accross as cynical or condescending, and her words, though true, may sound harsh to some. But mostly she will walk the line and stay on the right side of arrogance or pride.

Her tremendous sense of justice can bring down her righteous wrath on any perpetrator and when this happens she may find it hard to reign it back in!

As a parent, she is a real mama-bear and can be overprotective of her family. At best, she is a creative, engaging mother who can weave wonderful stories and encourage children to dream big – at worst she is a helicopter-parent who needs to learn to let go…

Reversed, this card may point to a narcissistic streak and I have even seen it come up in regards to Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome.

Xxx (Deck: Chrysalis Tarot)

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