Stoking the Beltane Fires

Tomorrow, May 1st, we celebrate Beltane.

Beltane is the festival of fire and fertility, a perfect time for some sexual magick.

Here’s a Spread I made to celebrate your sexuality, raise awareness of your sexual needs and desires, and check on how healthy your sexual practice/energy is or where it may be improved.

It can be used for a couple, but also on your own ~ everyone has male/female energy no matter their gender or sexual identity!F70889C0-195E-48B8-9EEC-70621F34EE98.jpeg

Stoking the Beltane Fires ~ a Tarot Spread by Tarotmum13 🔥🔥🔥

1) the fire-pit (female energy) ~ how receptive are you to receiving pleasure (of any kind)?

2) the wood (masculine energy) ~ how actively do you engage in/seek out sexual play?

3) the kindling (foreplay) ~ how open are you to sexual intimacy?

4) the match (sexual spark) ~ how aware are you of what gets your juices flowing? What turns you on?

5) the bonfire (sexual act) ~ how do you best fill your needs? whether full intercourse or other, there are many ways to revel in sexual excitement – As long as it feels good…

6) the flash (orgasm) ~ this does not have to be physical! How do you experience sexual ecstasy?

7) the come-down (grounding) ~ how do you bring yourself gently back down to Earth?

8) the embers (afterglow) ~ do you make time to linger? it is very important to make space for aftercare, intimacy and closure, all chakras are fully opened after sexual release and you don’t want to rush away, leaving yourself feeling vulnarable and disorientated!



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