Spiritual Bypassing

Spiritual Bypassing ~ a Spread by Tarotmum13

The only way over is through ~ sometimes, when things are hard, we may choose to walk past and pretend we didn’t see, it doesn’t bother us, doesn’t apply to us or we don’t need it.

When it comes to Spiritual Growth, we may believe we are already there and we don’t have to do the work. But anything built on shakey foundations will sooner or later crumble and fall…

So here’s a Spread to help you identify the steps you may have (inadvertently) passed over!

Just compare your conscious beliefs to your subconscious reality and see how well they match up!

Use 2 decks if you can, that way there is the possibility of pulling the same card twice! For the first column, that which you believe to be the truth, you may choose the cards purposely to reflect your answers.

Since this is a large Spread, either work on a large surface or just work on pair after pair. You can break it up and spread it out over several days!

1) How open am I to change?

2) Do I take responsibility for my life?

3) Can I let go of what no longer serves me?

4) Am I being the best version of me?

5) Do I live in the here and now?

6) How honest and reflective am I with myself?

7) Am I afraid to make mistakes?

8) Do my actions match my beliefs?

9) How well do I know my Shadow Self?

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      1. I’m a little confused as to which side represents what. Intuitively, I’d thinkt hat the left side has to do with the subconscious reality and the right side is concious reality, or beliefs of reality, or is it the other way around?

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