Rainy Day Tarot Play

Rainy Day Tarot Play

What better on a drizzly afternoon than settling in with some Witches Brew (strong Rooibos/Orange in my case) and a deck of cards?

Normally for me this would mean Tarot, but today I got a promotional deck of playing cards in the mail ~ and I saw this as a sign!

It has been about 2 decades since I last read with playing cards, so I thought it best to consult some books. I used 54 Devils, by Cory Thomas Hutcheson, and Fortune Telling with Playing Cards, by Jonathan Dee.

In quite a few cases, the card meanings correspond to those of the Minor Arcana in Tarot, and you can certainly read them that way ~ but traditionally, there are some surprising differences ~ Like the 7 of Diamonds being about envy & gossip, or the Jack of Hearts being equated to a foul-mouthed mercinary as well as Cupid.

You could also compare the meanings to those of a Lenormand game. The Romany Tradition sees yet another set of possible interpretations, using only 36 cards and heavily influenced by the Eteilla system ~ So decide beforehand what approach you will take, to avoid confusion when it comes to divining the message your cards convey!

For the purposes of reading with Playing cards, attention is given to the predominant “colour” of your spread ~ mainly red cards is considered positive, where as a majority of black cards is seen as a more negative result.

Spades are seen as the most “troublesome” suit, where as Hearts are hailed as “Good Omens”.

Numerology also plays a big role in reading Playing Cards and next to the colours, the number combinations give important clues about the future. If most numbers in a spread show a value of 7 or more, this means big changes are afoot!

For the purpose of interpreting a particular card, the surrounding cards determine a large part of the meaning as well.

Sounds complicated? Well, yes, but sure you thought the same about reading Tarot when you started out!!! Practise makes perfect (or adequate, at the very least ☺️).

As Tarot lies closest to my heart, I have heavily relied on it’s influence doing this reading, but with respect for the traditional meanings expertly explained in my Guide Books.

My General Guidance:

Hearts = Cups; Diamonds = Pentacles; Clubs = Wands and Spades = Swords ~ Jacks are a mix of Pages & Knights ~ Popular belief says that the last remaining Major Arcana card to be found in a playing card deck is the Joker, representative of The Fool in a Tarot game, standing for eccentric characters, joie de vivre, a need for personal freedom and impulsive behaviour ~ You do not have to use this card, there really are no rules about it, but I like to leave the Jokers in.

What I have laid out here in the photograph is a Reading regarding my Love Life (with the Queen of Diamonds representing me) ~ in short: the cards appear to be telling me that I have been feeling rather restricted and frustrated when it comes to affairs of Love (and relationships in general) ~ but, after a period of rest and recovery from a previous relationship, where I had to deal with much malicious gossip, wrong-doing and hardship, I have finally opened myself up to a new Love Interest ~ and although he is not Mister Right, my emotional healing will be speeded up by this encounter, as I recover my sense of self-worth and find the path to inner tranquility that comes with accepting myself as I am.

Sounds about right! 😘

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