Simple Sigil Magick

The word SIGIL comes from the Latin word for LOCK, so you can use Sigils to lock in or seal your Intent.

Sigils can be representations of just about anything, like the names of Deities or Demons, Spirits, Concepts, Symbols or Objects.

One of the most well-known images that can be seen as a powerful Sigil is in fact the Pentagram or Pentacle (Pentagram in a circle), connecting all the elements of Water, Air, Earth, Fire and Spirit. Runes are another good example.

You can use Sigils in Spell Work or as your own personal power symbol. You can carve them in candles, write them on paper or bay leaves and burn them as an offering – you can draw them on the soles of your shoes, on your body or in your diary.

Wherever you decide to draw your Sigil, it will seal your Intent and lock in the energy you have given it.

Of course you can use existing Sigils in your Magical Practice ~ But how do you create one for yourself? There are different ways to go about this, but I am going to show you my preferred (and very simple!) method ~ anyone can do it!

Here’s how I create my Sigils – I use an image of a circle with the alfabet around the rim (of course you can just write the letters down yourself!) ~ then I think of the word I want this Sigil to represent. Then I just spell it out by connecting the letters!

So if I want to create a Sigil that gives me a good night’s sleep, I start at the S, move towards the L, then the E where I make a small loop to use the letter twice, then move to the P.

You don’t need to use straight lines, you can use bows, loops and angles if you want. And of course you can combine words to make more complicated Sigils!

I did these in a simple photo app like PicCollage, then once I know what it looks like I can draw the Sigils wherever I want.

Tea bag labels are a favourite, as are the soles of my/my daughter’s shoes – but I also draw them on my body using eye- or lip pencil (or just any pen or marker, depending on how long you want it to last) ☺️ You can also draw them with moisturiser, essential oils, lipbalm or perfume ~ that way you know they are there but nobody sees it.

I also have a simple method I use for a Sigil to bring two people closer together, or resolve negative feelings between them, where I just write the first letter of their names on top of each other! In a way, this is what we did as youngsters, when you write your initials and those of your crush and draw a heart around them… did you know you were casting Spells then?

Try and create a few of your own and have fun with it!




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