Fantasy World Tarot

After doing a post on Instagram about decks I have modified previously, I was feeling the urge to do another one!

This time I chose the Fantasty World Tarot by Vera Petruk (a.k.a. Samiramay).

The deck came with a black border that I didn’t feel added anything to it ~ so I decided to crop it, using a small guillotine-style cutting board and a corner-punch to trim the deck, and edged it hot-pink using a Sharpie Marker (wanted to do yellow but my little girl has been feeling summery & drawing so much Sunshine lately the yellow marker was all but finished ☺️).

About the deck itself: Calling this deck ecclectic would be an understatement! As the title suggests, these cards are full of weird and wonderful Beings ~ Gods, Goddesses, Creatures from Mythology or Fairytales, others are taken from popular lore and legends the world over.

The choices seem random to say the least, with most creatures assigned to cards without any plausible connection to the traditional card meanings ~ others just seem to have landed on the wrong card: The Valkyrie for instance would make a great Judgement card, rather than Justice.

This seems a small mis-Judgement ~ but a lot of the cards are so wrong, you wonder what the artist was thinking!

The Orc as The King of Cups? The Angel as the 5 of Swords? The Zombie as the 8 of Pentacles?

And I love the Witch in this deck, but is she having a party all by her lonesome as the 3 of Cups?1430DD0D-2763-4E49-A97E-E6CA8D99EE31

There is no little white book, so your guess is as good as mine!

A few cards are a bit more appropriate, such as The Gargoyle for The Tower and The Unicorn (with his beloved Maiden on his back) as the 2 of Cups.

Apart from the card number, title and creature identification, there are astrological symbols to be found on the cards – but some cards also have what appears to be totally random numbers in the bottom left corner that I could not find an explanation for…? After reading all this, you may be under the impression that I don’t think much of this deck… but actually, I love it!

It is colourful, exciting, full of stories,… Just don’t expect the images to add much other than a strange twist to the card meanings  and enjoy them for what they are: random creatures of dreams and nightmares alike 🤗

For those of you who like this deck, but aren’t sure where to get it: the artist has made it available either as a digital download from her website, or to order a physical copy directly from the printers (either on or 2BCEDE74-4E22-4A1E-9EDD-DB7FC33084D0.jpeg


  1. Wow! First of all, this deck was already amazing but–oh my God does it look so much better after you trimmed it! It’s amazing how much difference that makes. You’ve done well. Thanks for sharing!

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