Tarot on Tarot

Tarot on Tarot Spread ~ I asked Tarot about the role it can play in my life, and this is what it had to say:

1. What is Tarot?

The High Priestess ~ Tarot is the key to unlock the sacred knowledge inside, to receiving Intuitive Guidance from the Universe and to understanding the forces that influence your life ~ with understanding comes the power to shape them and to take control of your Destiny.

2. Why did Tarot come in to my life?

5 of Pentacles ~ because I was feeling emotionally and spiritually empoverished and wanted to find security, guidance, and nourishment.

3. What can Tarot bring to my life?

8 of Cups ~ Tarot can help me find closure and the strength to move on from that what no longer serves me; it can help me on my quest for fulfilment and support me as I find the missing pieces to complete my journey in Life.

4. How can I best connect with Tarot?

The Hermit ~ Turn within, for all the answers I seek are there. Take time for reflection and contemplation, to get out of the rat-race and focus on what is important for my physical & emotional wellbeing as well as my Spiritual Growth.

5. What do I still need to learn about Tarot?

The Star ~ although I am on the right path, there is so much more to learn – I still do not fully grasp the power of my own thoughts, how they can shape my reality & manifest my desires ~ Tarot can be my guiding star, showing me how to access my inner strength and help me focus my energy on the important things.

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