Pam’s Vintage Tarot

A look at Pam’s Vintage Tarot, made from high resolution scans of one of Pamela Colman Smith’s original decks (*) ~ all borders and text removed (apart from Roman numerals on the Majors) and printed on “aged-paper” cardstock in earthy, rusty colours. There is also a bright coloured version of this deck available and they come in either bridge size or Tarot size.

(*) note: the original deck this was recreated from is an older version than the one US Games Inc now has the copyright on, so I guess that’s how they got around that one!

When I ordered this deck I wasn’t sure if I needed another RWS deck… but now I have it in my possession I can categorically tell you that, YES! I did! ☺️ I have to say that I love it, love it, LOVE IT!

My previous RWS decks have always been used for study & comparison rather than as actual working decks ~ this one feels different. I can see myself using it, and using it often.

The box is in 2 parts, with a bottom and a lid, sturdy enough & more luxurious than the regular cardboard tuck boxes ~ the cardstock is flexible and smooth, no cards sticking together at all, and I just adore the colours ~ the faded blue, burnt orange, muted yellows and browns really give the vintage feel to the deck.

There are 2 “extra” cards with artwork by PCS – a nice touch, but they won’t be used with the deck as such.

Find this deck on if you are in the US, you will also find a link there for European customers (which is where I ordered my copy) ~ friendly and fast service from @myluckycards over on Instagram!!!



    1. I am so glad I got it, wasn’t sure about it but it is so much better than expected! I use my other RWS decks for reference but never really read with them ~ As soon as I opened this one I couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

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        1. I was looking at that one too, I really wanted a borderless one, but then I came accross this one and just fell for the colours. Maybe not the best for absolute beginners due to no titles at all, but anyone who is familiar with the RWS won’t have a problem. That Hermit is my favourite ☺️

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