Tarot, Tea & Me

It is a grey & miserable day outside, what better way to spend it than to relax with a cup of tea? And whilst I am at it, I may as well take a sneak peek in to the future…

Tea Leaf Reading (also known as Tasseography, Tasseomancy or Tassology) is a fairly new hobby for me ~ I am really enjoying learning more about this form of Divination & Fortune Telling, which became increasingly popular from the late 18th to mid-19th century (of course, that’s when tea and coffee became more readily available to the masses!) ~ I have to say, I am so glad I invested in one of these Strainer Straws though! Getting a mouthfull of tea leaves kind of spoils the pleasure…

So how do you start?

Firstly, choose a loose-leaf tea. I find a black tea blend with a coarser texture works best, I like Earl Grey with Rose, Lavender or Mint ~ but I am trying Rooibos just now as I am curbing my caffeïne intake due to some sleep-problems.

Brew the tea in a pot, pour your cup without using a stainer (this is where the straw filter comes in handy!). As you quietly sip your tea, you may contemplate the question(s) you would like answers to. Or, as I did, you may simply ask to be shown what is important for the next few days/weeks/months. The most important thing is to be relaxed and open to receiving answers.

When your cup is as good as finished and only the dregs remain, take it in your left hand and swirl it counter-clockwise three times, then turn it over on to your saucer and leave it to drain. Once drained, hold your cup with the handle pointing towards you, and read it in a clockwise direction. Images found closest to you will be of more importance or have a bigger impact than those further away. Images near the rim of the cup will happen soonest, near the middle events may be up to a week away and what shows at the bottom of the cup may not come to pass for a month or more. Of course, you will need to turn the cup in all directions to discern the images found in the tea leaves! It may take a while (and some imagination), but you’ll see something for sure! Try not to second guess yourself if you think you have spotted a particular shape!

Same goes for the meaning you attach to the images ~ don’t dismiss your intuition, even if the guidebooks tell you it means something else. As with Tarot, keep the traditional meanings in mind, but your Interpretation can certainly be lead by your gut feeling!

As I am using the Cup of Destiny, there are additional symbols to be found in the cup that may shed more light on the predictions ~ however, feel free to use a normal tea cup and the above information will still help you interpret what you see.

For my own benefit, I pulled a Tarot card as a clarifier for each shape I encountered.

Right ~ lets take a peek at what I found in my cup today! The first image I made out was a Mermaid right in the bottom of my cup. Next I could see a broomstick, and after some searching I found a small wishbone too.

So, starting from the handle and going clockwise, I read this cup as follows:

The Broom traditionally stands for moving to a new house, but I don’t think that’s the case here – it’s more likely speaking of cleaning house, swiping away the dirt and cobwebs clouding my mind as well as any residual negative energy from the past clinging to me. The Broom runs through the Jupitor symbol in the cup, towards the Cat. Jupitor stands for good luck, heart-warming experiences and long-distance friendships that brighten up my day and expand my horizon. The Cat is a symbol for my independence and free-spirited thinking that want to be expressed. It urges me to be adventurous & follow my heart. The Tarot card I pulled for this was the 4 of Wands, again suggesting that clearing out the old energy will make for a happy, stable, settled home!

Mermaids are mysterious creatures who speak to the imagination. They represent female energy, secret knowledge, feelings and Intuition. This Mermaid here is not situated near any symbols but it’s position at the bottom of the cup is telling me that I will be spending a lot more time bonding with women than I am used to, and urges me to share freely any knowledge, wisdom & experience with my sisters – lift them up, empower them, learn from them. The card I pulled here was the Page of Cups. I always pay attention when this card appears, as this is how my Spirit Guide communicates an important message to me.

As for the Wishbone, bones are not usually a good sign! They warn of people spreading malicious gossip or intending to cause you harm… but considering the shape here I am going to go with my gut and say there is a good possibility of hopes and dreams being fulfilled in my future. This was further confirmed when I drew The Star as a clarifier. Being situated in between Venus and Saturn in the cup, the Wishbone seems to suggest I will need to find an effective balance between my creative, romantic side on the one hand, and self-discipline & hard work on the other if I want my wishes to be granted.

To recap, this Reading tells me to start with expelling old, stagnant, unhelpful energy, free my mind and fully enjoy the uplifting effects and supportive energy that long-distance friendships have to offer. This is poignant to me as my physical health mostly prevents me from socialising in real life, so I have been relying on social media, email and text messages for my social interactions. This shows me that, yes, these connections are real and valid! As I am emerging myself in the Tarot Community via my Blog and Instagram Feed, I am meeting more and more beautiful, wise, strong women (and men with a strong nurturing, receptive energy!) from around the world and this Mermaid is urging me to enjoy and explore these new friendships, help where I can, accept guidance where offered. This in turn will lead me to find more hope and balance for the future.



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