I took a thorough, holistic approach to my personal lay out this afternoon ~ I always love mix-and-match Readings; it never ceases to amaze me how well different mediums work together! I used Tarot, Runes, Oracle Cards, Pendulum & Crystals, and ended up feeling very satisfied with my prospects. Don’t you just love it when you can see it all fit & make sense!?!

Short version?

I officially lost my job last week, a consequence of my ongoing battle with with CFS/Fibromyalgia ~ I was understandably upset over this turn of events, but The Hanged Man is showing me that I can look at this situation in a different light. Not only can I focus on my recovery now – without the guilt that comes with feeling like I am letting my colleagues down – I can use this time to really think about where I want to go with my life. The Rune Hagalaz confirms that we are looking at a Controlled Crisis here. My financial situation is secured, I am on the right track as far as treatment is concerned and I am not about to become homeless!

The Hermit asks that I use Introspection & Reflection to help me find myself again ~ I am going through some changes but I shouldn’t let these interfere with my Spiritual Development. Ansuz stands for Insight, Vision & Wisdom, and I can find these qualities within myself without the need for outside approval & validation. I am me. I am not my jobtitle.

The Empress assures me that after this period of waiting, rest & retreat, I will come out feeling good about who I am and where I stand. I will gain confidence & self-awareness, focus on my nurturing, receptive, Divine Feminine state, and luck, wealth & abundance will freely flow in to my life. This is confirmed by the appearance of the Rune Fehu.

The Earthbound Oracle gave me “Voice” ~ urging me to speak my Truth and let myself be heard. This to me points to my (frequent) encounters with the Medical profession & making sure I clearly let the doctors know what it is that I need from them, rather than be intimidated and disempowered by their lack of insight and poor bedside manner.

The Pendulum confirmed my above assessment for me, and helped me pick out the most effective crystals to use right now to support my energy. This week I will be wearing my Hematite, Tigers Eye & Obsidian bracelet & I will be carrying my Shiva Lingam stone for balance, as well as to experience it’s powerfully transformative, soothing, empowering & nurturing vibes!


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