Today I want to show you my little Palmistry Hand Sculpture, with accompanying text by David Lawrence.

I adore this tiny hand! And it is so helpful as a refference when trying your hand at Palmistry. Lines are not always so clear and it can get confusing as to which line represents which area of your life. So having a clear point of referrence is invaluable.

The hand has a flat base so it is stable when put on a table in front of you to study – but it can also stand upright, you can even hang it up as decoration! This even looks cool just used as a paperweight… but once you have it, you are going to want to use it!

Lifespan, Health, Love, Fate, Affection, … It’s all there in the palm of your hand, you just have to learn how to read (between) the lines ☺️ ✋🤚

The booklet, though small, is very informative ~ it shows the basics, but this is already quite a lot for a novice to work with! It does suggest to refer to other texts for deeper insights, so I am using it together with my Palmistry cards, who, on their own, I find a little complicated to use! The cards have a wealth of information on hand shape, finger length, fingerprints etc but less on the actual meaning of the lines. So putting the two together I come up with a comprehensive system.

Here’s a little of what my palm had to tell me (as I am left handed I am reading my right palm):

My Life line is long and mainly clear, with one faded area where I wasn’t really living life to the full – I imagine this would be the 6 years I spent in a relationship with a Malignant Narcissist.

My Head line slopes down so this points to being very imaginative rather than rational. It starts at the same point as my Life line, so that could point to not always brimming with self-confidence but also makes me more thoughtful than rash.

My Sun line is very short, which shows I am not very ambitious, if it was absent all together I would be prone to pessimistic tendencies.

My Health line is vague and broken up, which makes sense as I am suffering from Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, both causing long periods of ill health.

My Fate line starts low, indicating early development, and runs all the way up to Saturn, indicating wisdom but also superstitious thought patterns.

My hand shape itself shows me to be an Air type personality, which should make me sociable, inquisitive & studious amongst other qualities.

Raised pads in the Moon, Venus, Saturn and Mercury areas suggest I have a nurturing personality, like to enjoy life and the sensual pleasures it has to offer, have a good sense of responsibility & focus and my mediation skills are well developed so I can be very diplomatic.

There is so much more that my hand can tell me, but this is enough to be getting on with for now – seems fairly accurate so far!

#palmistry #palmistryhandkit



  1. I always wonder how you know if something is large/long/raised etc I’d need a comparison or way to sort of measure it (without measuring it) but I guess that’s not the point. It’s interesting to consider though for the future. The model hand looks great!


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