Heartstrings Tarot: Majors

Hello all you wonderful people!

You might have noticed I’ve been quiet on here for the last week ~ well, I have been working on a “little” project…

I have spoken before about attaching songs to Tarot cards to help with interpretation.

A few days ago I decided to make up some images to better show how I pictured this idea, just as an exercise, and posted some on Instagram.

The response was very positive and people were asking to do more, so somehow I found myself committed to completing a full deck!

Now the Major Arcana is complete, I thought it might be time to show you here as well. And there is an extra Death card, just to show the darker side as well:

There are many more cards available to browse on my Instagram feed, you can find me there as tarotmum13 as well if you are interested!

I am unsure what will happen once the deck is complete, I will definitely have a copy printed for myself to see what it looks like. People have been asking to please publish this deck – however, I don’t know if there may be copyright issues with the use of lyrics and images (I just made digital collages using existing photographs and clipart, then put different paint-effects on them). If anyone has some knowledge about these things, please send me some advice!!!

The idea is to make an accompanying booklet, containing all the lyrics and some explanation as to why I believe they represent the card, as well as a list of alternative songs that might fit the card meanings. There are so many wonderful songs out there, it’s really hard picking just one! A playlist on youtube is on the cards too.

So, here’s the list of songs chosen for the Major Arcana:

0.The Fool ~ Leonard Cohen ~ So Long Marianne.

1. The Magician ~ Queen ~ It’s a kind of Magic.

2. The High Priestess ~ Cher ~ Dark Lady.

3. The Empress ~ Chaka Khan ~ I’m Every Woman.

4. The Emperor ~ Johnny Cash ~ Man in Black.

5. The Hierophant ~ John Lennon ~ Imaging.

6. The Lovers ~ Meat Loaf ~ You took the words right out of my mouth.

7. The Chariot ~ Tracy Chapman ~ Fast Car.

8. Strength ~ Aretha Franklin & George Michael ~ I knew you were waiting.

9. The Hermit ~ David Bowie ~ Space Oddity.

10. Wheel of Fortune ~ Earth, Wind & Fire ~ Spinning Wheel.

11. Justice ~ Steve Earle ~ Billy Austin.

12. The Hanged Man ~ Guns ‘n Roses ~ Patience.

13. Death ~ Blue Öyster Cult ~ Don’t Fear The Reaper. Alternative: Metallica ~ Enter Sandman.

14. Temperance ~ Alanis Morissette ~ Thank U.

15. The Devil ~ Nick Cave ~ Red Right Hand.

16. The Tower ~ Stevie Nicks ~ Landslide.

17. The Star ~ Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole ~ Over the Rainbow.

The Moon ~ Chrissy Hynde ~ Hymn to Her.

19. The Sun ~ Bob Marley ~ 3 Little Birds.

20. Judgement ~ Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) ~ Where do the Children Play?

21. The World ~ Nina Simone ~ Feeling Good.

The Cups Suit is finished as well, so will post about that soon, and then the other suits as they are completed.

Just head over to Instagram and follow the #heartstringstarot if you can’t wait!!!

P.S: You can see an example of what the card backs might look like at the start of this post.

Love to All Xxx


    1. Thanks! I am having so much fun putting it together ☺️ looks like copyright issues might be a stumbling block for actual publishing though 🤷🏻‍♀️


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