Heartstrings Tarot Update

Hi guys,

Finished my Heartstrings project, a tarot deck where each card is based on the lyrics of a matching song.

I had a few sample cards printed before, but have now sent it off to have a full prototype deck printed so I can see which cards work and which don’t ~ I actually had a few extra cards printed as I made some doubles where 2 songs fitted different aspects of the same card, people can choose which one they want to use.

Once the deck is ready I will upload it to makeplayingcards.com so it can be purchased directly from the printers.

I am trying to keep costs down so it will just be the deck, without a box, as a square box large enough for the deck would be too expensive.

A matching playlist with all the songs will be uploaded to YouTube and Spotify.

I may also make a digital file with keywords and phrases + lyrics for each card.

Want to see what it looks like?

There you have it!

So each card is about a song, for example the Empress is Chaka Khan’s I’m every Woman; The Teacher (Hierophant) is John Lennon’s Imagine; 3 of Swords is Chris Isaac’s Wicked Game, and so on. Some songs are very familiar, others less so, but all have lyrics relating to the card meaning!

I hope you have enjoyed a look at the full deck and stay tuned for more updates!


Tania Xxx


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