Lunar Eclipse Reading

I thought I’d pull some of my handicrafts together for a Reading in preparation for tomorrow’s Lunar Eclipse ~ so I got my Lucid Tarot and my Turquoise Runes (made out of polymer clay) and had one of my Blessed Wise Owls* presiding over the Spread.

Wow! This one is packing a punch! And not in a good way, but I guess a warned woman is worth 2?

Looks like the effects of this upcoming Eclipse have been making themselves felt for a while now, with the 5 of Wands pointing out all the little niggles and pointless arguments that have been creeping in to my life – the Rune Gebo warns that a more balanced view is needed here to avoid long-term bad blood.

Death shows some huge permanent changes about to occur, but is tempered by Wunjo, promising I will find some comfort in these as well.

The Ace of Cups showed up Reversed (despite me not having turned any cards) so this is really significant to me. Together with Isa, Rune of Challenge, Frustration & Standstill, this tells me that emotions are not flowing as freely as they should and that I am letting my cup run empty.

Finally, the 4 of Cups paired with Hagalaz, a Rune speaking of being tested & controlled crisis, tells me that I have been avoiding some difficult situations hoping they will go away, but they won’t. And it is much better that I approach them on my terms rather than wait until they blow up in my face.

Looks like I have some stuff to work through! See you on the other side ☺️


*I make these Owls from polymer clay marked with runes for protection and blessings, they also have a labyrinth imprinted on the back for spiritual development.

#lucidtarot #homemaderunes #blessedwiseowls

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