New Decks for Sale!!!

Hello my lovely friends!

You can still buy my Lucid Tarot, Tailored Tarot and my Mindfulness Cards from, ( but in addition I have now uploaded ALL of the decks I made to ~ they had the right card size in stock for my Heartstrings Tarot deck, so it made sense to make all my decks available there.

Here is a link to my new shop space:

What can you buy?

The Heartstrings Tarot ~ a musically inspired Tarot deck where I connected a song with fitting lyrics to each card to help with interpretation. This deck was the hardest one to make, but also the most fun, I hope you will like it as much as I do!

The Lucid Tarot ~ an easy to use RWS style deck with colourful, simple images – available in a Basic and a Deluxe version (with slightly thicker cardstock and rigid box for added protection). I love working with this deck, it gives such clear advice!

The Tailored Tarot ~ a pocket deck with poker sized cards, the images have been tailored to meet your needs, simple yet just what is needed to convey the card meanings! This deck is very easy to read with, suitable for beginners as well as advanced Readers ~ and the smaller size means larger spreads take up less room! I use it all the time, and you will want to as well!

Mindfulness Cards ~ an Oracle deck that can also be used as altar cards, meditation cards, for affirmation and manifestation exercises, to increase mindfulness – this versatile deck is meant to be used intuitively!

Circus of Truth ~ a circular oracle deck with a fun circus theme, to be used intuitively.

If you like any of the samples above, please follow the link to my shop! You can browse all the cards in each deck before making a purchase, so you can be sure you buy a deck you will enjoy!

Thank you for looking ✨🙏🏼✨


Tania Xxx

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